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About Us

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Time is Now

We are here at this pivitol time in human history to help in the transition to something new

Better Together

Together we can better build communities of passionate people focused on positive change

Information is Here

We have all the information required to begin shifting our way of life


  • Deeply  caring
  • highly  motivated
  • hard  working
  • dedicated

On a quest to bring the wonderful world of

herbs into your life so we all may live

happier and healthier!


  • Highly  Skilled
  • Super  knowledgeable
  • insatiably  curious
  • passionate
Keep Track of Our Progress

Keep Track of Our Progress



as we continue to grow and evolve

Our Story

As a young teenager Simon was diagnosed with “autoimmune” liver and bowl conditions, which eventually led to needing a liver transplant…


Along the way Simon met Ellery and together they experienced the complete degeneration of Simon’s body.


This progress allowed them both to begin learning about healthier ways of living and alternative therapies.  Ellery’s long suppressed love of plant medicine began to flourish.


After Simon’s liver transplant, their curiosity about alternative lifestyles took over and the quest to live better truly began.


One thing led to another and they discovered the wonderful worlds of Herbalism, Permaculture, Wild Nutrition, Ayurveda, and many more pieces of the lifestyle mosaic they are assembling.


Now the time has come where they wish to spread what they have learned so you may also experience the benefits of a change in lifestyle.


By blending delicious herbal teas with directed purposes for you to enjoy, they are opening a doorway for you into a new way of being, which all begins with experiencing the help herbs have to offer through drinking delicious tea.


May you all be happy and healthy!