This deck isn't just a work of art. It is educational and informative. If you love permaculture or you want to learn more about it, this deck of cards is the perfect addition to your life!

 And here is the list of the 52 cards:

    Ace of Spades: Polyculture

    Ace of Hearts: Wofati

    Ace of Clubs: Hugelkultur

    Ace of Diamonds: Rocket Mass Heater

    King of Spades: Sepp Holzer

    King of Hearts: Bamboo

    King of Clubs: Masanobu Fukuoka

    King of Diamonds: Bill Mollison

    Queen of Spades: Black Locust

    Queen of Hearts: Comfrey

    Queen of Clubs: Greening Deserts

    Queen of Diamonds: Ruth Stout

    Jack of Spades: Mike Oehler

    Jack of Hearts: Willie Smits

    Jack of Clubs: Allan Savory

    Jack of Diamonds: Art Ludwig

    Ten of Spades: Paddock Shift Systems

    Ten of Hearts: Greywater

    Ten of Clubs: Dandelion

    Ten of Diamonds: Stinging Nettles

    Nine of Spades: Sunchokes

    Nine of Hearts: Fungi

    Nine of Clubs: Jean Pain

    Nine of Diamonds: Mullein

    Eight of Spades: Natural Swimming Pool

    Eight of Hearts: Mulberry

    Eight of Clubs: Tefa

    Eight of Diamonds: The Man Who Planted Trees

    Seven of Spades: Chickens

    Seven of Hearts: Pigs

    Seven of Clubs: Pee

    Seven of Diamonds: Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

    Six of Spades: Ben Law

    Six of Hearts: Electric Tractor

    Six of Clubs: Husp

    Six of Diamonds: Honey Bees

    Five of Spades: Food Preservation

    Five of Hearts: Bugs, Weeds, Funguses & Microorganisms

    Five of Clubs: Beyond Compost

    Five of Diamonds: Wind and Berms

    Four of Spades: Wildcrafting

    Four of Hearts: Livestock Guardian Dog

    Four of Clubs: Food as Medicine

    Four of Diamonds: Mason Bees

    Three of Spades: Food Forest

    Three of Hearts: Rhubarb

    Three of Clubs: Dry Outhouse

    Three of Diamonds: Solar Food Dehydrator

    Two of Spades: Rumford Fireplace

    Two of Hearts: Cast Iron

    Two of Clubs: Diatomaceous Earth

    Two of Diamonds: Apple Tree

Permaculture Playing Cards